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About Adventurous Kate

For ten years, I've been sharing my stories from around the world.

You were there when I was shipwrecked in Indonesia. You laughed when I took a breast to the face in Istanbul and mice pooped on me from the ceiling in Guyana.

Yes, there were lots of laughs -- but you were also moved by my description of Antarctica. And you listened when I grappled with the decision whether or not to have children.

I love the community we've built -- and I want to give you more of what you love.

It's time for me to share my BEST untold stories.

For ten years, I did what was the best course of action: I wrote primarily useful travel content that would get lots of traffic and earn me lots of commissions -- Where to Stay in Boston! A guide to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland! -- and published guides for solo female travelers to destinations on seven continents.

I wrote the occasional creative posts, and these were your favorites by far -- but they didn't really earn me money. It made it hard to justify them.

So I produced content for active travelers and I earned commissions from hotel bookings, flight bookings, and travel gear, as well as destination campaigns and display ads throughout the site.

Then Coronavirus hit and changed everything.

Overnight, my income dropped by 90%. Bookings stopped. Traffic dropped. Campaigns were canceled. I thought I was smart and had so many diverse income streams -- turns out that I wasn't prepared for the entire world to STOP traveling. None of us were.

This is scary. But it's also exciting. It's almost a creative awakening. I'm going to be writing badass travel stories -- the stories you love the most -- and allowing my biggest fans to support me in exchange for those stories.

By supporting me here, you'll give me the time and bandwidth to create a new, original story each month. No sponsorship, no SEO optimization, no affiliate craziness -- just a story written to entertain you as much as humanly possible.

Here are some topics that I'm considering for future stories:

  • How I was haunted by a ghost in Montenegro for five days
  • The SEQUEL to the love story of The Boy on the Bicycle
  • Why I decided to leave New York, though I was massively in love with it
  • The destinations that I really didn't like, and haven't been able to write about until now
  • How I found myself ensnared in an abusive relationship, and escaped
  • Unpopular opinions in travel and blogging -- that you just might agree with

In addition to that, I'll be adding several shorter posts to my Patron-only feed each month. No matter what tier you're on, you'll be able to see them.

And everyone who supports me as a Patron will have access to a private Facebook group where you can always reach me directly. I think it's going to be an awesome community of smart travelers.

Being a patron supporting an artist is just like the Renaissance! Just packaged for today.

If you've enjoyed my blog over the years, this is the best way you can support me today. For just a few dollars each month, you can help me produce more of the writing you love. Just as I support writers I love via Patreon.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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