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A very big thanks to everyone who has been engaging with adwhyta with their positive and constructive inputs through various social media channels. I welcome you to my Patreon Community!

Adwhyta aims to explore different ethnohraphies and understand life in its purest sense. I currently make the films you see on my youtube channel solely from my own pockets in order to quench my thirst for travel and filmmaking. In order to create high quality cinematic content, it involves a good amount of travel as well as costly equipment. This means that a proper budget is required for each one of my films. With your contribution on Patreon, the goal is to be able to create these films on a better scale on a more regular basis for my audience. You can pledge an amount as low as $1 to start with. The more you pledge, the closer I shall get to realise the goal stated above.

My Story
adwhyta is a storytelling lab at the intersection of science, philosophy, culture, nature, history and human condition, taking inspiration from exploratory travel and soul searching. It was founded by me, MSN Karthik in 2016. For many, films are a hobby. For some, they are a passion. But for me, films are life. Films are what shaped me since my childhood. I watched Rob Williams in awe, as he stood up on his desk to inspire his students to seize the day, in Dead Poets Society.
Having realized that storytelling is what defines me and is what I would want to do forever, I started travelling across India in search of untold stories. I covered Bodh Gaya in the East to Rajasthan in the West and Himalayas in the North. Such a vast country seemed very small in front of my quest to tell an engaging story. I now present my stories to the world through my youtube channel adwhyta.

What does the name 'adwhyta' mean?
Adwhyta represents Advaita, which is the philosophy of non-duality explaining the realization of Atman = Brahman. The 'why' in Adwhyta represents the question of our existence as in, 'why do I exist?', 'why am I doing the things that I do?', etc. This kind of self-questioning and soul searching leads to enlightenment and helps tell stories as an awakened soul.
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I shall be able to produce films at least once a month.
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