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About Aebard Thawne

Who are you?
I have always been a big fan of animation, games, and hentai. I've finally decided that it is time to make my own content, and let it loose onto the internet. I am pretty handy with After Effects, which I intend to put to some excellent and perverted use.

What do you do?
I create animated hentai projects. I work in After Effects, with puppet animation, but I do my absolute best to disguise what I create as traditional animation. 
What happens to the money!?
Most of the funds go to paying for the software and various materials I need to keep producing content (a subscription to Adobe CC, etc). I also commission artwork from other artists to augment my projects, and as things expand, I may hire out some of the work to others while I oversee the projects. If we start reaching some of the higher goals, I'll be able to work on my hentai projects full time.

Every bit you guys donate will help me keep animating new images and getting tutorials created so you guys can make your own! 
$263.80 of $6,000 per month
I shall make my patreon page my #1 priority as a full time job. The funds will go to keeping me alive, as well as continuing to commissioning needed artwork and materials for the projects.
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