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  • Tips, tricks, and takes on commercial art, character design, and other related art methods
  • Reviews on an exhaustive list of art resources (digital, traditional, legendary) 

    Tora Treatz

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    "But...but you don't draw those kinds of things!!" You think to yourself as you've clicked on this tier.

    Well, yes. Yes, I do. And I have for 16 years. I honestly don't get to do it alot for others. I'd love to provide my insight on the taboo-ness with my art & style more often and pay it forward for a small, nominal fee. A body is just a body.
    (Just like in art school! :D)

    This is an exclusive set that is not and will not be shown on my main portfolio (unless stated otherwise.)

    NSFW in terms of:
    • Body parts
    • Nature of sensuality
    • Gore n' blood

    During the months and during this tier, you can experience the following!

    (Subject to change...but for noooow):

    • View of art processes of the artworks
    • View of final version of artworks 
    • (Optional, cel shaded) One free custom art piece 
    • Influence in next project via poll on Patreon
    • Virtual thank 'chus on social media for being an augmented lovely!
    • Hand in Choosing Future Project
    • View of uncensored versions


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    4th Timeline | Est. 2008 | BFAlumniati.

    Genetically modified professional digital illustrator, storyteller, and conceptual media artist. Convoluted, spunky and alluring has always been the name of my art game. 

    I forever indulge in alternative subculture (cyber, punk, goth, and grunge) + gamer themed illustrations, character portraits, character pinups, and fashion design.

    I am always excited and eager to share my knowledge and influence on character design, concept art, storyboarding, and just art in general. 23 years of vigorous art enthusiasm will do that to ya!

    I also have forever indulged in creating and envisioning realms via storytelling and drawing, transcending various genres such as coming of age, sci-fi, fighting action, historical and--most importantly -- ALL ADVENTURE, BABY!!!

    If you like my mainstream artwork, please consider following and supporting me for exclusive favors and flavors such as (and depending what tier you sign up to):

    • uncensored grunge/gothic/cyber/etc, character pinups (final)       
    • exclusive NSFW artwips
    • exclusive NSFW speedpaints
    • having an influence for future, for fun & commissioned character illustrations

    My Stories (Currently undisclosed Space Action Story and Undisclosed Cyberpunk Warrior Trio Adventure:)

    • View of character stats from undisclosed stories
    • Scenes of my undisclosed stories
    • Other media related to undisclosed stories (animations, OST snippets, etc.)

    • Zee's Art Reviews and Videos 
    • Zee's Concept Art Tips and Tricks VODs

    Every dime is most appreciated and can go to ventures such as getting my artbooks fully published, website fees, equipment upkeep (my computer is admittedly on the fritz, but I will keep going to keep giving better content and entertainment!)

    *Subject to change, but mostly...not now.

    ***Some nature of work is NSFW. Yes, it is necessary for some of my stories to progress the plot. It is sometimes necessary within some art in order to push the narrative. You have been warned.
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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