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Access to my writing journal, thoughts about my process and craft: how and where I write, where I find inspiration, how I deal with rejection or recognition, how writing intersects with other aspects of my life. I also wrote about soup once.

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About A.E. Prevost

Hi there! My name is A.E. Prevost, and I'm an author, bookseller, copyeditor, and linguist. I write speculative fiction: long and short stories that draw from the fantastical, science-fictional, and weird. Some of the things I like to write about the most are community, interpersonal intrigue, and good things happening to interesting people. A lot of my stuff deals with themes of gender, language, mental illness, and resilience and growth, with or without explosions and stabby teens.

On the linguistics side of things, I'm one of the people behind The Ling Space, an educational video project teaching linguistics to a broad audience. I'm also a conlanger, using my linguistics background to build invented languages for my own work as well as other people's. On the writing side of things, my work has made the Tiptree Honor List (recognizing stories that thought-provokingly engage with gender), been part of a World Fantasy Award-nominated anthology, been adapted into a podcast, and been selected for a Year's Best Transgender Speculative Fiction collection. You can read some of my stories for free here and here!

This Patreon is the best way to find more of my writing, as well as to support me. Every month, at minimum, you'll have access to monthly drops of writing-related stuff: typically short stories or serials, but also poetry, WIPs and outtakes from longer projects, book reviews, or even recipes or visual art. All for a dollar a month! For two dollars a month, I also throw in Patreon-exclusive (yes I'm serious) pictures of my cat. She's really cute, and this is some grade-A floofing that I keep for patrons instead of posting on social media. 

For ten dollars a month, you get all of that, plus access to a monthly journal where I talk about aspects of my writing life and craft. Topics so far have included dealing with story rejections, making writing playlists, attending conventions, and what roleplaying games bring to the table. I also sometimes put up polls to see what topics you'd like me to write about - I'm interested in knowing what interests you! And at $25 a month, I send you a monthly postcard, anywhere in the world.

Last but not least, a couple content notes: first, most places that publish fiction request "First Publication" rights, so anything I haven't published yet (but would like to someday) will only show up here in draft form. Second, most of what I write is aimed at audiences 15+. It might include profanity, stabby times, politics, or kissing (or maybe ALL OF THE ABOVE?), so keep that in mind. I'll do my best to include any other notable content warnings on a case-by-case basis.


If you want a glimpse of what I'm hoping to accomplish through the generous contributions of my patrons, there are some goals:

Writing Doesn't Cost Me Money - $100 per month

As it is, I spend about $100 on average each month on writing, between paying my awesome editor for her work, fees for writing-related software (Microsoft Office, Scrivener, etc), supplies and equipment, and so on. If we reach this funding goal, I'll be breaking even on writing stuff!

Professional Development - $250 per month

On top of my editing and software costs, if this goal is reached Patreon will also cover my registration and airfare to attend conferences each year specifically aimed at science fiction and fantasy literature, which will help me learn to be a better writer and to network with other creators. I've had phenomenal experiences at conferences and conventions in the past, but I'm limited to a narrow geographical area; I've got my sights on WorldCon and other events further afield!

As a special thank-you for getting this far, when my Patreon reaches $250/month I'll turn my occasional book reviews into a new monthly feature to help you curate your reading list, available to all tiers of support.


And that's it for now. I've got more in store if those goals get reached, so let's see what we can unlock! Thank you all for reading and for supporting me, and I can't wait to share my creative projects with you.

$51 of $100 per month
Writing Doesn't Cost Me Money

Your support lets me pay my editor and covers the cost of software and supplies, letting me break even. <3

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