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Sometimes it’s good to be spikey. Hedgehogs (so named because they like hedges and have a nose like a pig…apparently) are wonderful, shy little Berlin residents. They like living, for example, under caravans in Wagenplätze, and are exceptionally good at rolling into a ball for protection from their natural predators, such as badgers and humans (There were even ‘hedgehog-flavoured’ crisps back in the 80s!) We all need a little protection
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These cute critters know all about the importance of storing nuts for the winter (and trust us, so do we). So even if you only have a €5 to spare each month, that can go a long way to helping us complete our mission.

  • aequa Patreon supporters are community supporters and gain full access to the Equity Library at the aequa CC in Wedding
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If you caught the viral video of that one fearless wild boar mama foraging for a local Berlin nudist’s lunch this summer, then you’ll know just how resourceful these badass babes can be. That’s just the kind of energy we need in our community too!
  • aequa Patreon supporters are community supporters and gain full access to the Equity Library at the aequa CC in Wedding
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About aequa

Become an aequa supporter – and be part of a growing community of inspiring people who make our work possible.

By picking your favourite tier (or, ahem, Tier, for German-speakers) you'll be directly help us to continue our work for mutual support, solidarity and social equity. You can also choose your own donation level if you'd prefer to give more (or something between tiers)

Who are we?
aequa is an intersectional community united by our dreams of a world in which everyone can thrive. With diverse experiences and perspectives, we are brought together by our desire to learn, to share, to support and show up for each other.

We have a community centre in Berlin Wedding for coworking, private rentals and community events. We run events and we offer workshops.

Read more about aequa on our website.

What do we do?
Together, we put our dreams into practice and strive to create something better for all of us. We work towards a more equitable world by focusing on three main areas:

Mutual Support
Supporting each other to meet our needs and to thrive. Empowering each other by sharing skills, knowledge and resources that help us become more effective participants in the movements that move us.
Working together to shift power away from systems of oppression through actions that centre the needs and demands of the most impacted and most marginalised. We show up for each other in a thousand ways, every single day.
Social Equity
‘To each their needs, and nothing less.’
Part of how we’re managing to stay afloat during these stormy times is through the aequa Workshops Collective, facilitating interactive, conversation-based trainings on practical social equity to individuals, organisations and companies. We also run learning spaces within aequa networks week to week, month to month.

What does it mean to become a community supporter?
Our work is only possible through the support of our community, in part through our supporter programme on Patreon. As a supporter, you will have access to The Equity Library at the aequa community space in Wedding. Read more about the library here.

You can also become a community supporter
  • by volunteering or joining a working group
  • by becoming a coworker
Thank you so much for being on this adventure with us!
love, aequa

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