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About Aerlya Graphics

Hi there everyone ! My online name is Aerlya (pronounced Air-Lee-ya) but I go by Lya. 

I'm a simple human being : I like food, sleep and video games. I'm also a very unconsistent Twitch variety streamer but most importantly, I'm a Graphic Designer ! I have studied Game Art for 3 years and I've decided to put my skills to use to the benefit of Content creators from all platforms. I make things like overlays, panels, screens and logos... And if you're not a content creator but still want to commission something, I also make illustrations !

I am always thrilled to meet new people and I'd love you to be the next person I work with ! 

If you'd like to get in touch with me for business or just for a chat (and I enjoy that just as much), I'm always around on Discord and Twitter !

I also currently play : Apex Legends and TFT, so if you ever want to lose some games with me, hit me up :3 !
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