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>Vote on the Monthly Patreon Image polls, deciding what idea gets made every month.
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>Vote on the Monthly Patreon Image polls, deciding what idea gets made every month.

>Access to the full res Patreon Only Rewards and any Exclusive Releases.

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>Vote on the Monthly Patreon Image polls, deciding what idea gets made every month.

>Access to the full res Patreon Only Rewards and any Exclusive Releases.

>Access to the Aesir Discord Group

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About Aesir

Hey there, old fans and new!

I'm Aesir, primarily a vore artist tho I dabble in other lewd things too.  I started this Patreon years ago to earn a bit of extra income, but now it's my primary source of funds thanks to all you wonderful fans!  I'm always trying to improve, taking suggestions wherever I can, and trying to keep up a constant flow of work.  Pledging here keeps my lights on, my fridge stocked, and gives me time to work as much as possible on more of this kind of work.

Basically, donating to this Patreon will give you fans more of what you want.  Possibly a lot more.

-------------------REWARD INFO-------------------
-Monthly Patreon Voter Pic-
What is it?  Early in each month I’ll put a poll (usually themed)for various images I’d like to do. Patrons will vote to decide priority, and I will do at least one every month.  Like other images, the finished pieces will be available on Patreon exclusively for a month, then released to the public. .SAI and .PSD files for these pieces will be available for $10 and higher pledges at the end of the
month, as well.

-Patron Reward Sketches-
What is it?  Every 3 Months you pledge, I'll complete an image for you (Sketch at $30, colored sketch or lineart at $50).  Sketches can be anything within reason.  If you would like to upgrade your sketch, simply ask during a later cycle (For instance, from a sketch to a lineart, or from lineart to fully colored)  Feel free to ask if you aren't sure about something.
Image Reward Rules:
(This applies to all art-related rewards)
>It doesn’t have to be vore, but vore images must be
F/F only.
>No Furry/Anthro
>No Scat, Watersports, or Gore.
>No Sexualized/Nude/Vore Loli/Shota.

-Patron Only Request Stream-
What is it?  Every two weeks on a Saturday, I’ll be holding a stream
viewable only to these tiers. The stream will be a string of
request sketches chosen by random from the chat.

-Aesir Discord Group-

What is it?  Discord is a very nice messenger where many of us have gathered.  My group is loaded with likeminded fans who have all become quite close friends.  Of course, you can talk to me personnally there too, and I usually share a load of SFW work and other little projects off.  Upon becoming a Patron, if you've connected Discord with Patreon, you should recieve a message from PatreonBOT with a link to join!

The Channels:
#Welcome - Some basic info here will be provided to help you get started. :)
#General - Obviously, the General chat.  Usually active, but not hectic.  I try to nurture an extremely friendly and welcoming environment for all.  Feel free to talk about anything you like here.
#Patreon-Monthly-Pics - If I owe you monthly pics, this is the best place to put info for them!  I will call out here when necessary.
#(Various Series Themed Channels) - Currently we have one for Danganronpa, Steven Universe, and Fate/Grand Order.  All these are fairly popular series with the first two being heavily weak against spoilers and the last being so we don't clog up General with our Servant pulls and such :D
#Aesir-Direct-Line - If you feel awkward talking amidst a bunch of strangers and just wanna say hi to me, or want to say something directly to me without it getting lost in a sea of words, post here.  Alternatively, you can feel free to Direct Message me.
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At this tier I will work regularly on a series of vore comics I've had in mind for a while.  Vore comics following each of my OCs in the world(s) I've made for them. 
I intend for some degree of fan interaction at certain tier levels.  
Storyboards and sketches will be available to all tiers $3+, as well as the first few finished pages of each chapter.
Full chapters will be available to all Patrons of a certain tier or higher (to be decided).
The focus of these chapters will be short vore stories with consistent predatory characters and locations.
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