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About Aetherflow Media

It really has been a long time, hasn’t it, Warriors of Light?

We could not have dreamed that our journey would have taken us this far, or that it would have involved so much. With every step we’ve taken, we’ve been pivotal in changing things for the better, and no matter how hard or how much was at stake, we’ve always made it through. Not because we have to, but because we want to. It’s who we are.

From delivering supplies all over Gridania to liberating Doma, we’ve always been right there in the thick of it, giving everything we have, every single day, for a just cause. We’ve forged alliances between man and beast alike, fought through countless battles and shaped Hydaelyn for the better. It’s no wonder we were chosen; it’s what we were born to do.

But we’ve not done it alone.

Our travels have taken us far and wide, and though we’ve always had the Scions next to us, our efforts in abolishing hostility and malcontents has gained us allies from all over the globe, ready to stand alongside us. Be it man, machina, beast or primal, their unwavering support and belief not only stops us from falling, but gives us the courage to continue.

And to think, it all started with a bumpy ride on a chocobo wagon to the City-State with nothing but a handful of Gil and a dream of becoming an adventurer!

On an adventure that is far from over.

We at Aetherflow feel the same way you do about the things we’ve grown to love. We’ve shared the same laughs with Hildibrand and the sadness with Haurchefant. Our stomachs have growled at the sight of the food on display and knotted with fear facing down ancient tests of might in uncovering a history lost to us.

We take these thoughts and these feelings, and every quarter we bring you a digital magazine filled with all the goodness we could find! From cosplay to cooking creations, housing designs and fan art, to advice on how to tweak screenshots and more! All of this presented in each issue with the utmost of care and attention.

But we’ve not done it alone.

For less than one Fantasia a month, you can show your support to the journey we’re all a part of, allowing us to bring about radical changes in how we do things, and how we can make your experience even better. On the right you’ll see our tier list, packed with what we think are pretty good deals, to give back to you and show our gratitude for your support.

Curious as to how we use your donation? You can find our treatment of funds on the Donations Page of our website right If you have any comments or concerns, join our Discord, Instagram or Twitter where staff will be happy to resolve your questions! Then stick around amidst fellow fans, where we can face our fate together as we come into Shadowbringers!
$63 of $100 per month
With this goal reached, we’ll be able to expand on our real-world features through the addition of equipment, ingredients or props! Patreon-only recipe cards will be available for as long as we have a chef to provide them!
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