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About AetherSX2

AetherSX2 is a reimplementation of a well-known desktop PS Two emulator for the ARMv8/AArch64 platform, and a frontend/app for Android. The app allows you to play games that you have dumped from disc on your phone with external or touchscreen controls. It is free to use and does not contain ads.

The app is relatively new, but hopefully the updates released so far demonstrate our competency and ability to continue to improve. However, as this project is just a hobby for us, and the app is free, we do not have the funds to purchase additional devices for performance improvements and bug fixing.

Therefore, this Patreon exists as a fundraiser for acquiring additional devices, and paying for hosting so that users outside of the Play Store can still download the app. We have no interest in making any profit at all, only the cost of devices. Asking for assistance with devices alone is uncomfortable enough, but we simply can't afford to buy them ourselves out of pocket.

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