AFC Northerners are creating a Weekly NFL web show

$2 /mo
The 4th and Inches. Go for it, you're at the enemy's 3 yd line, and all it takes is a QB Sneak to get in. With this reward, that's for subscribers only, you get a weekly instant take within 24 hour...

$5 /mo
Our 3rd and 3 reward. It's a little more effort, but your in enemy territory and you know you can do it. With this Reward, you get access to our weekly instant takes, exclusively for subscribers, e...

$8 /mo
2nd & 7. Do you throw the screen or run it to the house? What will their defense do? With this reward, you'll know all we know about your opponents and the upcoming battles, you get everything ...

$10 /mo
1st and 10. You've got this. We know how much you appreciate and support our show, so not only do you get all the other rewards, but you get a thanks on every single episode that you've pledged, as...

$20 /mo

YOU ARE ELITE. You get all the other rewards, plus you'll get a team flag  and mug of your choice, an AFC Northerners t shirt autographed by the guys, as well as be entered in a...