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This page is first about envisioning an economy (including a complementary systemic financial foundation supporting that very flow of work & products) that is of a nature that: at the one hand is contrary to some negative aspects of our common shared human nature, while at the other hand it still does work even on that international scale of business cooperation.

Why is that crucial? Because we with all our luxury, comforting technology & information service we are never gonna assemble a critical mass of people that is strong & stubborn enough to convince & keep convincing the rest of our species to permanently discard the comfort of those just mentioned goods & services. Not realistic: please let ideals be of the feasible kind please!

Now the second & even more difficult part of explaining why this software project needs to be promoted in a creative business environment: because it is mostly you that can better thrive with such a (complementary) economy facilitation system; I hope that is self-explanatory enough for now; otherwise: ask me to think & contemplate about that somewhat more.

But to be more honest: it is also because for me: going to discover an area of thinking and interacting where only authors of fictional works on societies based on non-systemized gift-economies did some inspirational steps forward, but now I need also an social-emotional support base of people who can give me that little discipline advice to get my work on track.

So: here were go! Oh and the current state of elaboration of thinking is somewhat scarce in amount of text & visually used space, but to start the journey with some modest amount of content:

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