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Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm a 27 year old artist, writer, and human being living in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm trying to make a difference in the world, in our communities, and in the hearts of people hurting -- one billboard at a time, one postcard at a time.

When I was 17 I tragically lost my father to suicide and I made a vow that day that I would spend the rest of my life trying to save a life and prove that love was enough through my art and writing. It’s been 10 years and I’ve learned a lot more about what it means to work to save a life and heal, and the most important thing I’ve learned is that you can’t save someone else’s life for them. But you can create a space to encourage, empower, and affirm them to save their own life. That’s what this project is about and this is what I want to do: help people heal. 

There are two parts of my affirmation project: billboards and postcards. 

I'll tell you about the billboards first. I saved my yoga teacher paychecks to put up my first affirmation billboard during June 2019. I did it anonymously and drove by it daily and got goosebumps every time. I eventually shared photos of that first billboard on my personal Facebook page and woke up the next morning to learn that it had gone viral. Since then, thanks to the support of community members, mental health advocates, and donations from corporations and ad-agencies, there have been over 600 of my affirmation billboards up around the world. My project was awarded a bronze OBIE award during May 2020 and I'm honestly still processing that. Because of the steep overhead ($1,000 - $5,000/mo per billboard), the billboards exist thanks to the support and funding from our community. Thousands of humans have told me these billboards helped and healed them and I want to keep writing these words and sharing them, because honestly, they heal me too. When you support this Patreon, a portion of your support will go to fund future billboards around the world.

Now, let's talk about the postcards. A few months after I began posting my affirmation billboards, I started thinking about other ways I could share words that matter with people so that they would remember that they matter, too. I wanted to get creative and scheme other, more accessible, ways humans would be benefitted from compassionate words in their daily lives. I immediately thought of the concept of pen pals and the warm feeling I get when I receive a handwritten letter in the mail. And thus, the Affirmation Postcards were born! I created a submission form on my website ( and told people to sign anyone they knew in their life who needed a little extra love (including themselves) and I would send them anonymous affirmation postcards every month for a year. I pour lots of love and tens of hours writing the affirmations every month, designing the postcards, and hand-addressing them. As of today, there are over 2,000 people around the world receiving these postcards. That thought makes me want to cry happy tears. When you support this Patreon, you will receive these Affirmation Postcards and your donation will also help fund postage overhead every month ($1,000+). 

There are a lot of people hurting in the world right now, and I hope that this makes a difference, even if just a little bit. The greatest, wholehearted transformations start first with radical healing and acceptance of what is true, that you are enough, and you have been every day of your life. 

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