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More information below.


Hello! We are Affray Studios, a collaborative between international team members with the collective interest to create great stuff. We officially started in game development in 2018, with a Kickstarter for "SCP: Ascension", of which we have recently decided to rebrand into our own creative known as "In The Balance".

With a more reasonable scope in mind, we have decided to pull back from the super unreasonably ambitious vision of SCP: Ascension and formed SCP: Pandemic in early 2019 (free-to-play with no MTX, just supporter options). We have taken advantage of this smaller-scope project to create needed mechanics, environmental design, and so on that can be reutilized later in bigger projects so we can resume an idea like SCP: Ascension.

We have recently formed a partnership with Offworld Industries, creators of Squad, to utilize parts of their codebase to build up our platform for making great first-person shooter projects. 

After SCP: Pandemic is finished, we will be moving to In The Balance: Faultline (Formerly SCP: Ascension's "Recon" and "Blackout" gamemode plans). We will be starting with a fairly small scale with this, hopefully starting development in late 2020 with "Recon". The first plan for this game is to be similar to Escape From Tarkov & STALKER combined - where you and your team are entering zones made uninhabitable by anomalous activity.

ITB:F is planned to be multiplayer with some light PvP elements, where you are a part of private military companies to compete for contracts to recover valuable intel and items from fallen black sites.

The secondary gamemode within ITB:F, Blackout, will be about APSIS' 
forces attempting to secure and contain facilities under site-wide containment breaches. This will be a bit further into the future from the previous gamemode, and such will contain slightly more advanced gear and tech. This will be the closest to our original plans, but with some much-needed tweaking to both fit the new lore and realistic scope adjustment.

Third-Party Work

We will also be working for non-Affray games, we have yet to announce these partnerships, but the content made by Affray Studios will carry outside of just our own projects. This will be both a means of funding and building our presence in the industry.


We have decided to separate the campaign idea of SCP: Ascension into a standalone game that we can take on after completing the initial goals. We want this to be a proper campaign that can rival the best in the industry, so we need to take this on tactically and logically. We plan on using profited funds from ITB:F, other projects, and third-party contracts to fund this. 

In The Balance: Ascension will be a campaign surrounding a recon team of APSIS under The Balance Initiative, set into motion by the United Nations Occult Commission (UNOC). APSIS is a company that leverages modern technology and orbital aerospace to their paramilitary advantage. APSIS are not completely independent however, they still depend on other parties to maximize their ability - both in the private and public sectors. "The Balance Initiative" is focused around upholding our dimension and bringing back stability to our reality.

The game will stay within Earth and Earth's orbit... maybe a little dibble of Earth's Moon.


Due to the industry and technological overlap between games and film, we have decided to experiment with short films. We will be making both SCP and ITB-related projects here since the licensing is less complicated with SCP films than it is with games. 

We don't have any super official plans with this yet, but any investments made in it will make a return to our game side - examples being motion capture, camera tracking, in-game tapes, and much more. Film work is planned to be made in real-time using Unreal Engine 4.

Why our games are no longer SCP-based after SCP: Pandemic

For the most part, the licensing is complicated. We need to be able to protect what we make and the SCP license (CC BY-SA 3.0) is hard to work with for that. We have had no intention of just ripping lore from the wiki and claiming it's our own, just simply that we want to protect the visual assets and code. We were able to work this out with the wiki's IO team, but it's just a lot to go through. 

Another super big thing is creative control and individuality. We've always wanted to be unique with our work, and the SCP license pretty much means that anyone can make the exact same thing without any issue. We also don't want to worry about conflicting with the headcanon of different individuals on different topics... we needed something that was entirely our own.

We have formed ITB also for a reason outside of just us... we plan on opening it up to other creators without any licensing difficulties or fear of overlap with other creators. It will be something that we will be able to license to developers, short filmmakers, artists, and so on to take on different parts of the creative universe outlined by us or made entirely by them in a way that ties back into the overarching lore. We think this is probably the most exciting part of this specific ambition. 

ITB will not be competing with SCP, rather it will be a different option for the creators that need an alternative with the same community presence and similar creative principles for either legal or creative reasons - or both like us.

If you want to know more, feel free send us a message on Patreon or email us at [email protected] Cheers.

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