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This tier will give you all the visual goods! 

- THE VISUAL PLAYLIST: every week receive a new visual MoodBoard with images that I find inspiring. 

- EXPLORE PAGE: this is a good old monthly newsletter filled with goodies, like books, series, especial playlists and new artists! 


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This tier will give all the stuff from the previous tiers and:  

- DRAWING DATE:  once a week, sit down with me and my sketchbooks and paint brushes and we can paint something together and chat about little things 

- WALLPAPERS: every month get a special wallpaper of illustrations and digital portraits! 




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Hey Guys!! My name is Antonia, I'm an illustrator, artist, and all around creative I guess you can call it. I'm originally from Brazil, but I'm currently living in Lisbon. 

So after a lot of thinking and wishing and planning, I decided to create a Patreon page! I decided to start small, so I have room to grow later down the road! I did mostly so I can share what I do whilst building a stronger community and I would be able to support my art! 

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This is a small budget I would like to put aside every month to exclusively support other creatives. I think that it's very important to support people who are in the place that you are and that, you would like to see grow! So technically, by supporting me you are supporting the whole community!
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