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About A Flair For The Curious

Hey there, listener! Thank you for checking out this Patreon page for A Flair For The Curious, a podcast for possibilities in the spirit of inquiry! I'm so grateful that you chose to indulge your curiosity about supporting the podcast. Podcasting is a community affair and listeners like you are just as important as anybody behind the microphone. I encourage and enjoy your feedback as much as I appreciate your support, whether it's sharing the show with a friend or your financial contribution. As we create more content, new offerings will become available so be sure to check back with us here.

If you find value in the content we are providing you, I invite you to offer your financial support. All contributions will go directly towards paying for web hosting and producing the best podcast possible. This podcast is a labor of love that is willingly produced out of pocket and I would feel tremendous support and encouragement from your contribution. Thank you for listening to A Flair For The Curious!!!

Stay curious, people of Earth!

Your grateful host,
-Anthony Swindell

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