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Just an eclectic collection of stuff that make this life style possible. Plan to build video's increasing in quality as I learn this medium. Old dog, New trick and all that rot. I will focus on things around the farm and hope to use this as a way to capture life experience to pass along to my kids, grand kids, (and friends too) while I still can. All from an "end user" perspective vs. as an expert selling stuff. I'm just an old man still living life. Hope you enjoy! Area's of focus: 1) Chainsaws and the related subjects such as logging, fire wood, and general farm work that required a chainsaw. 2) Historical firearms. Starting with Mosin Nagants. 3) 1970's and older (but useful) Tractors & Implements. If I can get back to health, dirt bikes from the 1970's thru year 2000. The years I raced motocross, and cross country both with current of the time and vintage motorcycles. PS: Afleetcommand=my ex-racehorse yard ornament.

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