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African Defence Review has a history of breaking really difficult stories on African conflicts. We were the first in the world to explain in detail how the UN rolled back the M23 rebellion. We've provided the most detailed reporting you will find anywhere on the financial strangling of the South African National Defence Force. We've reported on drones in the DRC and the Kenyan Defence Force's deceit over the destruction of its base in Kulbiyow, Somalia.

We do hard stories, in hard places. We do this because we believe they aren't covered enough. Because we think placing the details of the continent's conflicts on record matters, and because those who fight wars must be held to account.

Detailed, investigative stories involve hard work in dangerous places, and we rely on your support to make them possible and keep our journalists safe. Please consider sending us the price of a coffee a month to help us along. Nobody does what we do better, and with your support, we'll be doing it a long time yet.
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