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For those who want to be a part of this literary revolution, but don't have much to give, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Here's something for you: monthly updates on my children's Track and Field careers. The boy is the 2018 U.S. High School National Champion in High Jump. He's the North Carolina indoor High Jump record holder, and he represented the United States at the Youth Olympics in Argentina (2018). He was 8th IN THE WORLD! The next kid isn't quite at that level (yet), but she is girl's #1 at their high school. So, even though you are here to help me succeed in books, you also get to see my babies succeed in life!

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Many, MANY thanks to you! For you, I will make periodic blog posts. Plus you get all the Track and Field stuff.  Track and Field is my jam!

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Once a month, you will have first access to an original draft of a story or chapter by me or one of my authors. Plus the periodic blog posts and Track and Field.




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About Afrocentric Books

I am an author of African fantasy stories. But more importantly, I think, I am a publisher of speculative fiction featuring characters and settings of the African diaspora. The reason that I think my role as a publisher is more important than my role as a writer is partly in my mini "Manifesto" below. In a nutshell, as a writer, I can churn out a few books, but as a publisher, I can help countless people like me churn out a few books apiece. And you can help me succeed at helping them.

I need your support. Afrocentric Books is still fledgling. The company is unknown, and its costs far exceed its income. But I still need to pay my authors and advertise/market the work that they entrust to me.

I'm not touting Afrocentric Books as "the next big thing," because that isn't why it exists. Afrocentric Books exists to bring awareness through entertainment. To show people that, despite our perceived differences, we are not so different at all. There is nothing to fear, nothing to hate, and certainly nothing that needs to be "tolerated." We are all to be accepted, nay, embraced for exactly who and what we are.

Afrocentric Books alone isn't going to solve all of our social and civil issues, but with your help, it can certainly take us a few steps in the right direction. 

People of African descent live and thrive all over the world. Yet, when it comes to the most popular literature, the settings and characters are decidedly Eurocentric. This is particularly true in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. Afrocenric Books is a micro-publisher specializing in novels featuring characters and cultures of the African diaspora. We need diversity, and Afrocentric diversity is what I have to give right now. In the future, I hope to expand the publishing company to include other marginalized groups, but I'm focusing on just one group to start. 

Join me to make a difference in literature, and you can score some swag! Stories certainly, but I've got other goodies up my figurative sleeve. Also, in supporting me, you can be part of my creative process. Become a patron of Afrocentric Books and, together, we'll do something big.

"Immediate" is a somewhat relative term when it comes to goals, but I'm thinking in the next twelve months. 

  • Publish my next anthology "AfroMyth Volume 2" (requires that I pay the authors out-of-pocket);
  • Write a lot of short stories and possibly put together a single-author collection;
  • Complete the first draft of my second novel--tentatively titled "Bilikisu" (but we'll see how that plays out as I go (and possibly with your input));
  • Write a novella. Because why not?
  • Sleep. Sleep. Blessed sleep. I'm too old to go without sleep; it makes me stupid. Please help me sleep.


I'm glad you asked. I would like to quit my day job, but I don't need help with my daily expenses--I'm working on an income strategy that, if it pans out, should pay the mortgage. Where I need help is with Afrocentric Books. My goal over the next year is to produce two novels. Here's the breakdown of costs to produce one full-length novel: 
  • Copy-editing (125K words): $2000
  • Cover art: $500
  • Cover designer: $150
  • Marketing (including reviews and advertising (based on past experience)): $3000
  • Author payments for "AfroMyth 2" anthology (professional rate at 125K words): $7500
  • Total for two novels (one being an anthology): $1567/month over the next 12 months.
I understand that this is an ambitious goal for a relatively unknown author and publishing company, but this is precisely why I need your help. For Afrocentric Books to become better known, the company needs better finances.  


All patrons from the $5/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content. At least once per month you will receive one of the following:

  • A draft version of a short story by me or one of my authors (with the author's permission);
  • A draft review version of a story I'm working on.

Patrons at the $10/month level will receive the above PLUS you will have monthly access to audio of me reading some of my work.

Patrons contributing above $10/month will receive even more exclusive swag. From access to videos, to me reading my entire novel, "Queen of Zazzau," to advance e-book copies, to signed copies, to posters, to thank you calls, to mentions in the novels themselves. Perhaps, a character can be named after you! The more you support Afrocentric Books, the more creative the rewards.

Let's make this happen, y'all!
$4.99 of $1,500 per month
If we reach $1500 per month, I'll be able to entice more writers to the AfroMyth 2 anthology, with the promise of a professional pay rate. Everyone who pledges $5 or more will then have exclusive early access to various short stories.
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