is creating A website that teaches the public about death and arrangements.
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Handling a death?  Able to find information on our website?  Afteralifers are the first step in helping grieving families find the information they need, and begin the healing process.  

All Afteralifers will be listed on a special Thank You page on our website.  Should you want to remain anonymous, no problem just let us know ([email protected]).    

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Healers recognize the need to help others, especially during a tragedy such as death.  Healers know that their contribution helps spread the word of, and therefore ensures families will find accurate and free death information. 

All Healers will receive special recognition on the 'Thank You' page of our website.  Should you want to remain anonymous, no problem just let us know ([email protected]).    

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Guardians truly know what it means to pay-it-forward.  Through their generosity Guardians make it possible for to consistently innovate and ensure grieving families are never lost.  The only thing more tragic than suddenly losing a loved one is not receiving a helping hand when you needed it most.     

All Guardians will receive special recognition on the 'Home Page' page of our website.  Should you want to remain anonymous, no problem just let us know ([email protected]).  Thank you Guardians!     




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Welcome to

My name is Charlie and I'm grateful that you're even taking the time to read this! I started this nonprofit website for one purpose and that is to help grieving families at their worst time. There are approximately 7700 deaths per day in the United States... that's 7700 families per day looking for answers on topics such as autopsies, coroner/medical examiner jurisdiction, death reports, funeral arrangements, etc. After spending 15+ years as a death investigator answering questions for these very families, I decided to pay it forward and make this information common knowledge and readily available when someone is dealing with this stressful reality. is free to everyone, ready to assist the public, and has hit one little snag. After spending the last year creating it and trying to spread the word... it's going to take funding to promote it and make sure all of humanity can find it when it's truly needed! In return for your support I will continue to bolster and update the information on this website. Together we will make sure that no matter what your situation is in life if you're handling a tragic death you will have the necessary resources to make educated decisions.

Please check us out when you get the time,

Much love,
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