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About AfterlifeData

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Launched in 2009, is the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the Internet. Our mission is to help people understand “death,” how it affects their life on earth, and what they can do to change their life so that it can be more meaningful and fulfilling. We do that by collecting, organizing and distributing information related to the existence of life after death.

We also have 2 additional sites that support and extend the work we do on AfterlifeData. The first is, which was launched in 2012. This website is a resource of nearly 3000 books and other writings that address subjects related to the afterlife, reincarnation, religion, consciousness, paranormal phenomenon, past life regression, life between lives and much more.

The second is, which was launched in 2014. Voices Across the Veil is a research project of where we offer short, small group sessions with an experienced medium (bios). These mediums give high quality, evidential readings for a fraction of the price that they usually charge because they believe strongly in the validity of their work and the research we are doing. The experiences gained and research done through these sessions changes lives for the better. Voices Across the Veil is the world's largest multicultural study of afterlife communication.

Impact of this Work on People Around the World

Here is a sampling of messages received from people around the world. You can imagine what it feels like getting messages like these. Contributing to this work means you are an integral part of the team and these messages are for you too!

“A superb collection of information and resources.
Bart W.
Visitor to AfterlifeData/AfterlifeLibrary

“I have just found your site and want to congratulate you all on what is the best info database I have found so far on this has a very comforting vibe and has lots of what I call high spirituality…Thank you!!!”
Chris B.
Visitor to AfterlifeData

“I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.”
Nitu P.
Visitor to AfterlifeData

“...the nature of the one reading and given the edge of grief and the transformation I am going through, it is truly life changing. I hope that gives you appreciation for how critical the work you’re doing is to our evolving state of consciousness.”
Krista K.
Voices Across the Veil Participant

“Immediately after the session I asked my 16 year old if she had written a poem or a song or letter to grandma after she passed–she was a little taken aback because it was something she had done and never told anyone. That is perfect validation!!”
Amanda B.
Voices Across the Veil Participant

“We are always searching for the best and correct information that we can, this can be difficult but yours has stood out. I am writing to ask permission to use your information in our Belief Studies with credit and links to your site.”
Skye H.
Visitor to AfterlifeData

“Your website is extraordinary.”
Gena O.
Visitor to AfterlifeData

“I believe the information that came through about my son identified him and I feel he was contacted by the medium. My son did not believe in life after death. Guess he didn’t know everything after all!!”
Kay K.
Voices Across the Veil Participant

I can only say well done and thank you for sharing this evidence with those who will listen.
Chris H.
Visitor to AfterlifeData

“That was amazing!! Because of you, I am finally going to have a real nights rest. I will no longer doubt my marriage. My life is now going to change for the better.”
Marilyn T.
Voices Across the Veil Participant

“The readings were excellent. My own had many evidential statements. Listening to the other participants’ readings was uplifting and interesting.”
Craig Hogan
President AREI
Voices Across the Veil Participant

What the Future Holds and New Directions

The research and related work on these sites is requiring much more of our time and we want to step up. So we are asking you to help support this work. Many things are already in place and our project list is long. With your support, you can expect that we will continue with this research, make more of it available to other researchers and help educate everyone about life after death and how that knowledge affects your time here on earth. We will devote more time to work on the following:
  • research and add more sources to AfterlifeData
  • research and add more publications to AfterlifeLibrary
  • write blogs and create lectures centered around specific topics
  • transcribe Voices Across the Veil sessions, preparing them for in-depth analysis
  • use statistical software to more deeply analyze the results of pre- and post-questionnaires on Voices Across the Veil sessions
  • present our findings in a variety of formats to make them more accessible

For the sake of brevity, we are not going into a lot of detail here about new research directions as these will be described in great detail in our Patron Only posts. But, we are glad to say that we are going in exciting new directions that will explore the consistency of information and quality of evidence received using other communication modalities that will then be compared and correlated with our current research. These new directions have to do with past life regression, between life regression, channeling (defined below) and direct experience. Patrons will be informed about these exciting new endeavors before anything is released publicly.

A Few Samples of Things We've Done

In addition to the work that is visible on our 3 websites, we have been the guest speakers on Victor and Wendy Zammit's zoom group sessions, been interviewed by Sandra Champlain's We Don't Die Radio (as well as numerous others) and presented at the 2017 Afterlife Institute Symposium.

Answers to Questions You Might Be Asking!

What is Patreon and why are you on it?

Patreon provides a platform for people passionate about their work to find people like you who enjoy the work and become team members by supporting it. Your input into this research and your feedback about the results are invaluable to us. It helps us clearly present the data to others including many views that may involve different interpretations of it.

We've created this Patreon community because we are poised to spend more time on this research. There are many channels of information that need to be explored, and so much data that we and others from around the world are accumulating, that it requires full-time focus, dedication and commitment. Plus we LOVE doing this! Your dollars make this possible. We are so very grateful for your support!

Do you only take U.S. Dollars?

Not at all, Patreon converts any currency and since these projects pertain to everyone in the world, we welcome supporters from around the world. The afterlife is not just U.S. based. :)

Can I still become a Patron even if I don't have much money?

Of course! That is why we have created a wide range of patron tiers, and thought long and hard to provide meaningful and significant rewards for each. Research is costly, but even many people giving $5 a month (about 2 gallons of gas for your car) would allow us to expand this research tremendously.

If I find that it is no longer financially feasible for me to donate, can I stop?

Of course! Just login and stop or change your pledge. But please continue visiting our websites because new research is continually being added, and perhaps when you can, you will renew your pledge again. We do appreciate your support, but we only want you to do so if you are able.

How can I get technical support if I need it?

Just login here.

Why do you think what you're doing is so important?

We provide information that challenges current world views and we offer methods to experience information that can personally be life changing. A view of reality is offered from both physical and non-physical perspectives that should be seriously considered and evaluated, especially given all the evidence that is presently being accumulated by us and other researchers throughout the world. Whatever beliefs and views of reality you currently hold, you would be doing yourself a disservice to at least not become aware of this information in order to make an informed choice for yourself.

We are not in the business of trying to convince anyone of anything. We are doing the research and letting the data speak for itself. Ultimately you are the final judge on whether you believe it or not.

Your support makes you an important member of this research team. You will have a voice in the proposed directions we wish to take, what and how the research is performed, and importantly, in the interpretation of the findings.

As a Patron you will be getting this information prior to its release to the general public. How it is presented may be modified based upon the input we get from you. Our own interpretation may change because of an astute observation that you make. Your ideas, if they influence the final product presentation, will be credited to you upon public release. In other words, your ideas will be heard.

There will be many ways for you to express your views and ideas. Discussion and alternative views are welcomed as we feel everyone benefits from being exposed to them. If debates ensue, we expect them to be tendered in the spirit of honestly seeking to understand how physical and non-physical reality operates. This has been, is, and will be one wild ride! That we can assure you. :)

What is a Medium?

In our research, we are using mental mediums. These are people with developed extrasensory abilities (beyond the 5 senses) like clairvoyance (perception), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) and these are used to communicate with beings (like the physically deceased) in non-physical dimensions. They are often described as people who “talk to the dead.” Though if the people talked to were truly dead, then communication would not be possible, heh? Ironically, the information we are receiving from these “dead” people is truly astounding. Many who have received such communications have often seen profound and positive changes in their lives.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is when a person allows a non-physical being to operate through the person's body, using their voice to communicate with those in physical reality. These non-physical beings may be spirit guides or more evolved entities who may or may not have ever incarnated upon earth. They are usually more knowledgeable about non-physical reality and can provide detailed descriptions of the afterlife dimensions. They also can provide very astute information regarding our purpose here at both collective and individual levels.

We are going to investigate information acquired from channeling in order to add to our present research which includes previously published channeled information.

What is Between Life Regression & Past Life Regression?

Between life regression
is a technique that uses hypnosis to help people connect with their Inner or Eternal Self to learn of their purpose here as well as used to explore the dynamics and environments of non-physical reality. This technique regresses people to their life in non-physical reality or in other words to the time between physical incarnations on earth. It is based upon the belief that reincarnation is real.

Past life regression is a hypnotic technique that trained practitioners use to explore previous lives (also based on a belief in reincarnation), which may enlighten, cure or heal people regarding issues they are experiencing in their current life. Many have found relief and complete cessation of current physical and mental symptoms and illnesses through discovery that past life events may be contributing factors to their illnesses or symptoms in this life.

We are going to investigate information retrieved via past life and between life regressions in order to add and compare to our present research, which already includes previously published information using these techniques.

Talking to the dead?!?!? Really now!!!! Do you not have SOMETHING better to do with your time...Well, go on it..Is It..IS IT..REAL?

We wondered the same thing 10 years ago when we created So we were quite surprised, almost startled, to find that many sources (over 80 and counting) published over a 150+ year period about the afterlife, agreed with each other across 6 major sections and 265 topic areas to the tune of almost 95% agreement. Think about it, you can't even get car mechanics to agree at that level regarding what's wrong with your car!

Since starting the world's largest multi-cultural study of the afterlife, Voices Across the Veil, we are now accumulating video recorded, modern day sessions of information about the afterlife. The results have been little short of astounding! Unlike spooky speculations about ghosts and creepy things that go bump in the night, as titillating as those might be, the stuff we are looking at is every bit as thrilling but very, very real, and what you take from it is more wondrous than you can possibly imagine.

Our expansion into, and exploration of, channeling and hypnotic regression will be groundbreaking work because they will be compared within the same research paradigm we are currently conducting. We are going to be DOING THEM, not just reading about them. So like we said, this is gonna be a wild, wild ride. Hope you join us!

As always, please reach out to us with any additional questions.

$22.34 of $3,000 per month
Goal 1
Reaching this goal allows us to dedicate more time to this research. Additional in-depth findings in multiple formats (e.g.: podcasts, radio, video, books, courses, lectures) will provide visitors with even more evidence upon which to evaluate the validity of the afterlife. This will include excerpts of amazing communications coming from the Voices Across the Veil research sessions. AfterlifeData and AfterlifeLibrary require continuous updating because new information is released all of the time. Devoting more of our time to these sites allows us to broaden the data across more diverse sources.
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