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Behind the scenes photos as often as possible! Guaranteed at least 3/month that are not posted on any other platform. What I'm working on, pieces I've made that aren't yet listed on Etsy, me modeling jewelry (which is either a reward or a punishment...), new supplies, me working on products, etc! I can also include personal photos that don't make it to my personal Instagram (@ennaofagaucu) if enough people want me to. Plus, this will help me get seasonal product photos out on Etsy!
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Access to the $1 reward tier, plus access to monthly tutorial videos before they're publicly published on YouTube. These videos will mostly be jewelry-making tutorials, but occasionally home decor, fashion, etc. If you know AgAuCu, you know I mostly make jewelry, but I also make wall hangings, flower crowns, and more!
Vlogly... access... thingy
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A monthly vlog about AgAuCu. I'll introduce new pieces, talk about what I'm working on, show you any new packaging or photo props. Talk about inspirations, yada yada. This will be a Patreon-only vlog.

You'll also have access to the $1 and $2 reward tiers.




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About AgAuCu

I have a brain* full of ideas for more and better jewelry (and pottery, decor, accessories...), and I'm ready to manifest those sketches and dreams into a physical reality. Anyone can browse my Etsy and take home whatever is available, but you can help shape a better AgAuCu. We will not only work together on rewards for you every month, but also inject more creativity and possibilities into AgAuCu's future. Quality materials and quality tools mean beautiful jewelry (...and more, because my creativity can't keep a lid on itself...) from my hands to your home. Become a patron, and you'll actively be helping to fulfill the potential I see in AgAuCu.

You can also find me on Instagram (@agaucu, @ennaofagaucu), tumblr (agaucu), Facebook (shopagaucu), YouTube (agaucu), and Twitter (shopagaucu).

(At this point, you may still be wondering, so... Ag, Au, and Cu are the periodic symbols for silver (argentum), gold (aurum), and copper (cuprum), the primary metals used in jewelry making.)

*Okay, it's my own brain. I promise I don't have anyone else's brain in my possession. I swear!
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A giveaway! This will be open to all of my Patreons, from the $1 tier up, as a thank you for supporting me and my jewelry and this Patreon journey. The reward will be two pieces of jewelry - either a necklace and earrings, two pairs of earrings, or two necklaces, to be discussed with the winner. I could also try making bracelets, but then the winner would end up with experiments, so... that's really up to you. Let's band together and do this!
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