is creating Pop Art Paintings on Hand Hammered Metal
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A tasty treat that isn't going to ruin your appetite!

Get an exclusive glimpse of finished artwork before it's posted to any platform. Our weird, silly, colorful paintings sit around for a few days before receiving their clear coat, let's give them some love so they don't get bored.


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No such thing as too much dessert, in this tier you receive Ice Cream Sandwich benefits plus a behind-the-scenes time lapse video every month of a color study in my sketchbook. 

Maybe I'm designing a bug bear, maybe a psychedelic landscape, maybe you'll figure out what I'm painting before I do because sketchbooks are for weird experimentation!





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About AGblend13

is the art fusion of Anka and Gepre: Anka is a designer and painter, Gepre is a metal artist and fabricator.

Together we are redefining wall decor with our sculptural and surreal paintings featuring a weird cast of characters in vivid rainbow saturation. We work from our Top Secret base in Maine dubbed Art Base Alpha (a crashed starship disguised deep in the woods) where we reclaim and upcycle aluminum and steel sheet metal. Each piece of metal is carefully cleaned, trimmed, and manually hemmed. Some are hand hammered in custom forms for dimension and rigidity, while others we keep flat for a contemporary take on the artists' canvas.

We sell our art directly, eschewing stores or galleries, to control the direction we take our work and to maintain sincere communication with the individuals who love what we do. We invite you into our alternate dimension with behind-the-scenes views of Anka's sketchbook work, surreal paintings, and Gepre's metal shaping shop.

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