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Step through the portals to the many worlds protected by the AGEIS

Welcome to the AGEIS, the Adventure Game Engine Interest Series, podcasts that are all the AGE all the time! We are a series of podcasts that will include actual plays, discussion episodes, reviews about books, and a place for the AGE communities to meet!

This podcast started as a pet project, inspired by other excellent podcasts from the very network we joined, the d20 Radio Network! Seeing as there were no podcasts discussing how the Adventure Game Engine works, we set to work to create a space to discuss mechanics, GMing techniques, storytelling tips, character concepts, and so much more! We've grown more than we expected, and the fans we have are lovely folks. We'd like to do more with this podcast, and this Patreon can get us started on that track.

We have a rotating collection of hosts for the show, but for the most part it's just Reyn and Jessica. Everything about keeping the lights on has been paid by us, and it works well by itself, but there isn't much room to grow yet. Because we have full-time jobs, positions as Venture Officers in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, and friends and family to keep up with, we only have so much time we can dedicate to the podcast, or extra projects that come up through the podcast.

This Patreon is here for you, the fans, who want to help us make this podcast into something bigger than a humble, bi-weekly show about an excellent collection of games. Since we do not have much time to offer many rewards, we simply ask that if you like the podcast and would like to support us, to give us the small pledge listed above.

If we find we have the time, the resources, or reach a goal or two, we intend to expand on this Patreon, which can help us expand the podcast!

These are the kinds of things we hope to do with the podcast:
  • Start a YouTube channel with our podcast episodes
  • Give us more free time to host games for Patrons
  • Make the podcasts weekly
Here are some things we could offer as rewards!
  • Thank you by name as a sponsor of the show at the top of each episode
  • Invite you, the patrons, to join us on the show
  • Write an entire campaign just for a few dedicated patrons, and run it for you online
  • Jessica might make you a dragon plush! We do love our fluffy co-hosts, why can't you have one too?
We greatly appreciate any help you can lend, and if you ever have questions, comments, suggestions, or wish to submit to the podcast, you can contact us through here, our email, or our our Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, reach us on the Green Ronin forums, or on the d20 Radio forums!

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Our good friend Andy Klosky has promised to write a Dragon Age adventure exclusively for our patrons! What a guy!
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