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About Crian Soft

Welcome to the Age of Barbarians.

Inspired by the Sword and Sorcery genre of the 80s, Age of Barbarians is a series of games that will take you to explore and experience adventures in a lost ancient world, wild, primordial, cruel, but also sensual and full of wonders!

Age of Barbarians 2
This is a huge and ambitious game, an open world, action-oriented with many RPG elements where you can return to play as Rahaan the barbarian, the Warrioress Sheyna, and Kuron, a shaman capable of using what we today would call magic. We're trying to realize a real milestone in the Sword And Sorcery genre. And, for the ancient Gods, and with your help, we'll make it!

- A unique graphic style
An elaborated rotoscope graphic for the characters and hand-painted backgrounds.
- Environmental interaction
The possibility to hide and to interact with a lot of environmental elements.
- Dynamic shadow engine
We are working on a dynamic shadow engine that will make exploring dungeons charming and interactive.
- A long main quest and many side quests.
It will be up to you to decide whether to face the main quest or dedicate yourself to the numerous side quests present in the game.
- A lot of stuff
There will be a lot of items, weapons, and armors.
- Skill tree-based system
Level up and customize your character based on his class.
- Many approaches to the fights
A realistic and violent combat system with different styles and approach systems.

Revenge of the Barbarians
Is a DLC that will be released for ARENA an Age of Barbarians Story, a game already available on the Steam store.
Anyway as a Patreon, you will have the opportunity to play Revenge as a Stand-Alone.
In Revenge, there are (for now) two playable characters:
Xodan, the barbarian king, strong as a lion and capable of fighting like a berserker.
And the beautiful Queen Yanah, an oracle, but also a fearsome Beastmaster.
To take revenge for the destruction of their kingdom by the evil sorcerer Zordax and to save their beautiful daughter Sumia, they will have to travel a path fraught with dangers that will lead them to explore wildlands, caves, and dark dungeons. It's a journey that will soon turn into an epic massacre in the name of the purest Sword and Sorcery.

Age of Barbarian RPG
It's the tabletop game on which Age of Barbarians 2 is based. The game involves the use of miniatures, even if they are not indispensable.
In addition to the OSR-oriented rules system, the game will include the full setting, the world history, a bestiary, and all that you need for playing countless adventures in the world of the Age of Barbarians.

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