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  • Access to the liveblogs of bad movies.
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Demand Answers
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  • Ask questions for World Building Wednesday, where I draw a small comic demonstrating a concept or exploring character behavior. Ask weird stuff! Get dumb answers.
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  • A full page movie review once per month of any movie of your choice in the attached style. The movie can be of any quality, of any genre. Movies that fit the theme of the bad movie zine will be added (with permission) to the zine with credit to the donor included in the final publishing.
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  • A grey-scale commission of one figure/character/person once a month. 1 spot color allowed. Some wiggle room within reason.


  • the $10 tier (once per month)
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  • A cameo of your character/self/anything (so long as it fits within the world of A Ghost Story!). An example would be Danny. 
  • There is currently ONE character that has not been used (ETA 2 chapters)
  • You have to subscribe to this tier for at least a few pages until your character creation process is started.


  •  the $10 tier (once per month)


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