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$1 or more per page 83 patrons
  • Early updates
  • You will be able to see World Building Wednesday posts.
  • Access to Patreon only sketches, illustrations and blog posts.
  • Thanks!
Demand Answers
$5 or more per page 6 patrons
 The $1 tier rewards and:  
  • Ask questions for World Building Wednesday, where I draw a small comic demonstrating a concept or exploring character behavior. Ask weird stuff! Get dumb answers.
Get a Drawing
$15 or more per page 0 of 5 patrons
The $1 and $5 dollar tier rewards and:
  • A grey-scale commission of one figure/character/person once a month. 1 spot color allowed. Some wiggle room within reason.
Create A Character
$25 or more per page 2 patrons
The $1 and $5 dollar tier rewards and:
  • A cameo of your character/self/anything (so long as it fits within the world of A Ghost Story!). An example would be Danny. 
  • There is currently ONE character that has not been used (ETA 2 chapters)
  • You have to subscribe to this tier for at least a few pages until your character creation process is started.