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About A Girl & Her Anime

Hi, there!

I'm Mia and I'm the owner of A Girl & Her Anime - a blog where I analyse, discuss and review anime and manga, the odd sprinkle of K-Pop, and video games.

I've been producing content on my blog for the past four years, and the reason I'm using Patreon is because I want to grow! Last year, I also started a YouTube channel and 2020 saw me streaming for the first time! Whatever type of content you enjoy, every single penny from your donation will go towards making my content better.

This entire project of mine is something I'm extremely passionate about and I would love to be able to write more, stream more and just do more in general!

So, I'm hoping with the help of your genorisity, I'll be able to utilise other platforms in order to produce the best quality content I can and continue to help contribute to one of the most interesting communities on the internet.
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