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About aglyra

◈ Welcome to my Patreon ◈

My name is Natalie with the creative name aglyra and I'm an illustrator and artist.
Ever since I was a child I've been guided by creativity and since than the pencil has been always next to me for visioning sketches and my early fantastical expressions. I've been fascinated by visual story telling in movies and video games that caused emotions as joy and a warmth feeling. Especially emotions in relationsships and emotions of characters, but also fantasy and the beauty of natural environments are a profound impression for me and became later influences for the deep reasons why do my creative work. Now I'm able to create personal illustrations by different inspirations and I'm also doing commissions for various clients as a freelancer.
My intend of the work is just to leave an impression to you. It may be a pleasant emotion after seeing it, such as a warm feeling or a smile! :)

Why should you support me?

My influence goes deeply to that kind of stories and movies that evoke emotions, but it's also driven by the in inspiration of natural environments. If you are interested in these things, too, it is probably the right decision. And also I can give you my knowledge as a painter and a good impression of the early steps of creative works.
I see Patreon as an opportunity to have a social platform mainly to get a close exchange as a community. It is also a got way get feedback on the process of works and allows the support behind the work. The support could be the basis of the goal to be an independend artist. Making just my own personal art.
If you want to support me here, I would honestly be grateful for that.

How does this work anyway?

On the right you can see the different rewards. You can choose in which way you want to support me and therefore you're able to get different offering points.
I'm hoping that options sound good for you and might give you a good insight or it helps you with your own creative work.
Feel free to ask any questions and I'm also grateful for every feedback on illustrations. 
I'm looking forward to have a great community!

◈ Join me on an interesting creative journey! ◈

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