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About Future of Agriculture

"The future has already arrived, it's just not evenly distributed yet" - William Gibson. 

There are glimpses into the future of agriculture all around us, and it's our job to share these stories and examples. Or, the way William Gibson put it: to make the future of agriculture "more evenly distributed".

There are few more important questions than: how will we continue to provide for our basic needs in the future?

The answers to this question are abundant and complex. Sorting through these perspectives requires: 

  1. An independent source to collect and share ideas and examples without being directed by corporate interests. 
  2. A community of engaged problem solvers who understand agriculture to offer unique perspectives and ideas
That's why we are starting this "Future of Agriculture" membership community. Please join us to offer your perspective and keep this platform growing INDEPENDENTLY. 

One reason there is a lack of this content in other ag media outlets is because their business model relies on the support of either incumbents (traditional agribusiness) or total disrupters (investors that will benefit from a complete overturn of the system). 

The "Future of Agriculture" falls right in between: where innovative ideas meet practical realities. 

I hope you'll support us in this mission by becoming a supporting member.

But, this isn't charity! The benefits of membership are real. You will receive:
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If you're a listener to podcast or reader of the blog, I hope you have already received tremendous value from the work that we do. Now, we ask that for the monthly cost of one Starbucks drink ($5), hipster burrito ($10), or sirloin steak dinner ($25), you make sure that this platform can continue to flourish. 

What will the money be used for? 

If you're new here:

In 2016, Tim Hammerich started the "Future of Agriculture" Podcast to share stories about the creative ways ways people in agriculture, agtech, and agribusiness are solving big problems.

Problems like what technologies or business models might make farmers and ranchers more profitable, how can we better utilize scarce resources like soil and water, what can we do to build stronger rural economies, and how might agriculture adapt to a changing climate.

This grew into a blog and an engaged community of entrepreneurial and intellectually-curious ag nerds 🤓. The priority has always been to welcome multiple perspectives and voices to the table to generate creative solutions to these problems. 

Please support this important work by becoming a supporting member today! 

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Once our community grows to 50 paid members, we will host a special members-only webinar where we will bring one former podcast guest back for an "ask me anything" session. That former guest will be selected by a members-only poll. 
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