Nicholas Ahlhelm is creating Super Powered Fiction

$1 /creation
Access to Patreon exclusive bonus content! Every month, Patreon backers will get a bonus piece of story, background material or content exclusive only to them!

$2 /creation
Monthly and full book PDF releases! At this level, readers will get new WALKING SHADOWS pages collected (and if applicable, COSMIC!) as monthly PDFs. Once a book is finished, they will also receive...

$3 /creation
Monthly and full ebook editions including any new chapters of F.O.R.C.E. or Quadrant that should see publication in a given month. Similar to the previous level, but readers get the content in a fo...

$5 /creation
Lightweight level! In addition to the previous reward levels, backers get the Lightweight series in the ebook format of their choice, once a month, until they have the full library. Additional rele...

$7 /creation
Previews! Get advanced previews of upcoming chapters of all four series, plus COSMIC! should it become funded. 

$10 /creation
Sponsor status. In addition to previous rewards, get your name listed as a dedicated sponsor on the website(s) and any applicable podcasts. Includes a link to your site, blog or social media.

$15 /creation
Complete Metahuman Press ebook library. Patrons get every new and previous Metahuman Press release. (Starting users at this level will get two releases every month until they have the full library.) 

$20 /creation
Banner ad / 30 second spot! At this level, get all the previous content plus a full banner ad on the website(s) plus a 30 second ad once SuperPowerCast returns.

$25 /creation
Paperback book club. In addition to all other levels, get a new paperback book release every six weeks.