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General Museum Admission
$1 or more per month patrons
  • The Animal Hair Museum comics are and will always be free but YOU will get:
  • A video of me drawing a comic (almost) every week, 90 days before anyone else sees or hears it!
  • Old and new sketchbook pages randomly posted like fall leaves in a forest that I'll try to explain!
  • Other random updates and progress stuff I won't put anywhere else!
Premium Museum Admission
$5 or more per month patrons
  • Think of this as a value pack of $1 tiers and I'll thank you 5 times as much!
  • ...Plus all previous rewards.
Super Extreme Mega Museum Admission
$10 or more per month patrons

  • I'll email you PDFs and for-real-physical mail copies of things I make from here on out! 
  • Think of this as a subscription service for random stuff to be sent to you randomly!
  • (On average I do a couple of collection zines a year, stickers when I think of a good idea, prints whenever I can and other stuff but mainly those things. You'll get one of everything I make with my own hands.
  • I can't put an actual time table on when you'll get stuff, but rest assured that guilt will eat me from the inside out unless I make this worth your while.
  • ...Plus all previous rewards.