Ahmed Aldoori is creating Personal Art and Assignments/Tutorials


$1 /creation
Stopping by for a cup of coffee (or tea, whatever finds your favor) - your support is very appreciated!

You will receive: 

-high resolution JPEGS of any sketches or p...



$3 /creation
With a map in hand, you are wandering into the Mystic Forests alongside me on this journey. 

You will receive:

JPEGS and PSDs of any sketches and paintings during each term.

Lucky Wanderer

$5 /creation
You encounter a fortunate situation! You will receive the same as the Lantern Barer - a limited chance!

Lantern Bearer

$10 /creation
Deeper in the Mystic Forest, you wield a lantern to help light the way!

You will receive:

-JPEGs and PSD files of any art
-Homework Assignment Video
-Painting Process Video 

Determined and Fearless

$15 /creation
You step into the mysterious fog at the edge of the Mystic Forest, a valley of shadows beyond known dimensions - you lay your eyes upon the unseen!

 You will receive:  



$20 /creation
At the very edges of your imagination, you stand facing the void, confronting the mirage of wicked Dragons swirling in shadow - alas! You wield a sword of light! You experience figments of unrealit...