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So where to start? If you are reading this you have probably already played Hearts of Iron III with my mods.
If you don't know the mod here are some links for you:
I've been modding the game for more than 10 years. I was beta tester for HoI3 and HoI4 as also the Lead AI Dev for the game East vs. West which was based on the HoI3 Clausewitz engine.
The ‘AHOI-Treasure Mod family’ is based on my first work and ideas back to HOI2 and HOI1.
Basically I'm doing modifications to the game Hearts of Iron III to improve the gameplay in a more historical plausible way. Next to that the mods change many things in the game. Starting from having a new widescreen GUI with a minimum of 1280*768 which is basically the base for every widescreen gui for any HoI3 mod out there. And many new units, a new Divsion build system based on Regiments (Std Div is build out of 5 Regiments) and a new expanded tech-tree that allows even minor countries a better catch up to the major powers. And many more..

Hearts of Iron IV is still not attractive enough for me to switch over to it. And I still haven't implemented quite some of my ideas for Hearts of Iron III. So I have some future plans:
  • rework the political tab
  • change how dissent works
  • rework units component system
  • rework techtree to include ww1 era techs
  • rework units some more
  • change Lua ai to add the experience I got from programming the Lua for East vs. West
  • add new event chains

Why should you contribute?
  • HoI3 is -imho- still better when modded as HoI4 and could need some more love(modding)
  • support the work you love and maybe enjoyed already in the past
  • gain acess to aditional information and early versions
  • decide with others about parts of the mod

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