Payton Foeller - A Hopeful Happenstance is creating My Story

Board of Directors

$3 /mo
 You get to be like my super secret board of directors. When I've got a question or am searching for a direction you'll be one of the few that can help me find the answer through polls and conversa...

Threat Level Swag

$5 /mo
Swag is on the way! I will not only let you know when my work is coming out but I will be sending you various downloadable items right here on our Patreon! 

Threat Level Swag 2.0

$10 /mo
You my friend get it all. I will link up every new creation right here for you to download and use as you please. Not just some, but all. 

Snail Mail Surprise

$20 /mo
I hope you like surprises, because I'll be sending you a surprise gift box filled with merch and fun gifty things I picked out just for you. It'll be like all those awesome subscription boxes but s...

Create Your Own

$50 /mo
You will have the opportunity to work with me to create a digital product that you're in need of. We can dream up anything and create it together! This one I'm excited about! Possibilities include ...

Create Your Own 2.0

$75 /mo
The same as Create Your Own (the $50 tier) but we will work together quarterly to create up to 4 projects.
These can be verse prints you need for small group. 
A quote you want to display ...

All Access Pass

$100 /mo
The swaggiest. All the access. Work with me to create a needed printable products - Up to 12 projects!

OR we can work to create a cohesive collection, like a bible study with all the vario...