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$1 /creation
Pledging as little as a dollar per piece will earn you status as a fanatical member of the Shadowcult, giving you access to my private Patreon posts and the Shadow...

$2 /creation
Dark Knower
By pledging $2 or more per piece, you will advance to the rank of Dark Knower and will be granted access not only to the Shadowvault, but to the forbidden Monthly ...

$4 /creation
Dark Ravager
By pledging $4 or more each month, you are really beginning to prove your devotion to this cult and can join the dusky ranks of the Dark Ravagers who help guide t...

$7 /creation
Dark Cabal
Pledging $7 per piece not only gives you the keys to the Shadowvault, it will draw you into the inner circle of the Dark Cabal. I will consult with these shadowy lieu...

$15 /creation
Pledging $15 per piece earns you the rank of Electorix (The Dracomage thinks that's a real word, and we're just kinda running with it), which gives you all the privile...