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 You are supporting AI and Games!  That means you are an awesome person by default.  All patrons get some rewards:

  • The patron-only feed, where I post updates on goings on and updates to the channel.
  • The monthly newsletter where I look back on recent video releases, discuss progress on upcoming ones, interesting videos and write-ups from elsewhere on the internet and more.
  • You'll be invited to the patron-only area of the AI and Games discord server and can hang out with fellow patrons and chat about any and all things AI and Games related.
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My most popular tier!  In addition to all of the previous rewards at Space Invader, you also receive:

  • All new videos in early access before they go live to the rest of the world.
  • Your name will appear in the credits at the end of every episode of the show for as long as you pledge support.
  • In addition, patrons will be able to vote on new video topics for the main series and AI 101.
  • Bonus videos every month:
    • Early-access to all-new episodes of Smoke & Mirrors: a monthly series where I discuss the games I play off-camera.
    • Every month, a new episode of Q&AI takes questions from the Patreon community and gives detailed responses. 
  • You gain access to the script and any compiled notes from previous episodes.
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Xenomorphs are some of the smartest and most ferocious patrons in the galaxy.  So I reward your intellect with cool physical AI and Games goodies!  

  • A laptop sticker of the AI and Games logo, which you can put on your laptop... and other places.
  • A coffee mug for you to show your support and host beverages when necessary for easy consumption.
  • A signed postcard of art celebrating previous episodes of the show.
  • A shout-out at the end of a future episode.

Plus all rewards from Space Invader, Goomba, Ghost and Arbiter tiers.

Please note this reward tier requires a physical address for items to be shipped.
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About AI and Games

Hello, I'm Tommy Thompson and I'm the creator of AI and Games: a YouTube series on research and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in video games.

This patreon enables the continued development of the show to be a reality.  Each episode of the show is carefully researched and prepared based on interviews, developer presentations, research papers, technical reports, textbooks and - in some instances - from interviews with developers themselves.  This is a long and time consuming process once you add in scripting, recording of the game itself and editing, with a typical episode of the main show taking over one working week to prepare and this naturally has a lot of running costs.  I want to do more and I believe in the value that AI and Games offers to so many people, but without the support of my audience, it's not sustainable.  In addition, while AI and Games receives a portion of revenue from adveriting on YouTube every month, it's a fraction of what my Patreon supporters provide and it a lot less consistent. Hence this Patreon is the main revenue stream of the channel.

While I respect how unreliable YouTube is as a platform, I hope that you - my audience - would like to support the work.  Naturally, if you can't or don't support the show, that's absolutely fine!  I don't expect it of you all.  However, I do reward my supporters with extra goodies which I detail further down this page.

Why AI and games?
Artificial intelligence is a big talking point these days and I use this video series to talk about it in the context of games. I run a series of videos that address this topic in different ways:

  • Case Studies
    • How artificial intelligence is applied in commercial video games.
    • How AI research in games is used to enhance our understanding of the field.
  • AI 101
    • Explaining core AI tech in the games industry, how it works and clever ways it is used in games.
  • Design Dive
    • How AI applications in games influence game design.

I have an almost endless supply of new topics to cover and videos to make - and I need you to help make that a reality.
Why Use Patreon?
Patreon - where we are right now - is a service where you can pledge support to a creator (in this case me) so they can support their work and continue to make it a reality.  Patreon is great for creators such as myself given I can remove any need for sponsorship and instead focus on creating content that my viewers are excited about.  

How Do Payment and Rewards Work?
Patrons are charged monthly by patreon and I strive to put out one main episode a month.  As detailed in the rewards tab, patrons who sponsor at varying tiers are offered a variety of rewards, including access to the patron-feed here on Patreon, a monthly newsletter, an invite to the AI and Games Discord Server with higher tiers offering the opportunity to vote on new topics, get early-access to new videos, bonus videos such as the Smoke and Mirrors series, plus other behind-the-scenes content such as my research notes and code from demos and examples

Any Other Disclaimers?
In some instances, the authors of the work I am discussing in videos are people who I have an established professional relationship with either in the academic or game development community.  In the event this occurs, this will be disclosed in the video description.
$601.33 of $678.54 per month
Guaranteed Episodes Monthly
Whether it's Design Dive, AI 101 or the main show, I can guarantee one new major episode will be on the channel each and every month.
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