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About Aida

Hey, I'm Aida!
I'm a 15 years old girl from Romania and my passion for art started since I was a small 4 years old child when I realised I loved colors, every color had it's role in my mind and the rainbow was and still is my biggest inspiration. Till I reached 5 years old, I used to draw with both of my hands, at 5, I knew my left hand had more skill so here I am today, a 15 years old left-handed artist. My mom, seing the love I have for art, supports me and helped me to enlist in the Art School for 2 years, where I took part in many drawing competitions.

Out of many different branches of art, I prefer the human body, especially portraits because each and one of them has it's unique essence.
I also like fashion and design and I like to think of these as a prospect for the future, one of my goals is to study art in Milano.
For me, Patreon is the best way to get started, te let people know me and my art.
You can see all of my progress and creations on my instagram page, where I'm most active:

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With this amount of money I will be able to purchase some professional art markers, more specifically the Arteza Everblend Art Markers.

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