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Lizards is the first animal that came to mind for the name so I went with it-please, don't take offense. Lizards will receive Patreon only posts surrounding the writing process every month.

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Butterflies will receive everything Lizards do plus recipes to my latest baking exploits.  

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Horses will receive all that the Butterflies and Lizards get plus market updates of places I am submitting to, the process, and places open to pieces. This is good for other creators who want to get into submitting pieces and understanding the process. 

About Aigner Loren Wilson

I'm Aigner Loren Wilson a writer of speculative fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and other projects. This is my 'help me live the writing dream life' page where supporters and fans can pledge to allow me the time to write, write, write. Here's some links to my work: A CrisisChristineUnwanteds7 Black Women You Want on Your Side in a Horror Movie.

What I've always found intriguing about the Patreon system is not the give me money aspect, but the choice in what your money gets you. I've thought a bit about what type of stuff I'd like to offer the people who so amazingly pay to help me be the person I am.

I'll share works in progress, editing tidbits, baking recipes, go on virtual adventures, pledge to lose weight with you, have extremely platonic dinners over webcam or in-person, share ideas on the creative writing process, market resources for fellow writers, and more.
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If I gain 50 dollars from this, I'll start a book club with my patreon members where we will read and discuss a random book from my shelf.
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