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Hello! Ten bucks, woah! You get a short story written on subject of your choice (original or fan), or from what I can glean from you! Or a fanart of something, if that is also your thing.
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Ooh, shiny. You get an original story as well as one picture of your choice, fandom or original. Please be sure to give me details!
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Getting a little dangerous now... you get $10 of your donation to a patreon or struggling artist of your choice and a short story.




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About Aiko Isari

I'm an eccentric writer who wants to branch out into other fields such as videos and animation. My particular genres are young adult, new adult, fantasy, and comic/manga. I really fell in love with manga when I was younger and the format always stuck with me. With the support of my Patrons, I hope to work on supplying myself so I can start doing these things more publicly as independently as I can, and to publish and pay for myself.
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I really need to start paying off my student loans as soon as possible, so my money for the first long while will go to that and paying for the phone bill.
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