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"One of the most heart-felt singers I have ever met, Ailsa literally gives me tingles down my spine. Her musical ability is astonishing and transcendental" - musician, sound healer, artist Stu Hampton

"You sound like a full-grown fairy and my Mum loves you" - fan at the Green Gathering, 2018

As a cellist-singer-songwriter (plus experimenter of many instruments!), newbie storyteller, spinner&weaver and creative activist, I create unique & intuitive music, tell regenerative stories, make unique textiles and write about my adventures through sound & land in my blog Wild Notes

I am passionate about helping others liberate their voices and run 'spontaneous sacred song' workshops in mid-Wales (& currently online - see my website for details).  Most of the time my improvisations and songs emerge from time spent listening deep in the landscape, in which I aim to let music ‘come through’ me rather than just rocking somewhere and striking up a chord.  It is clear to me that my path ahead is to be honing my music as a healing practice for people and planet, whether on the stage, in one-to-one sessions or workshops, through the ether or at direct environmental actions.

We are being called to question at this strange time the notion of sustainability.  This term, so often used to talk about 'the planet' and its resources, can and must also be applied to each of us and every part of our lifestyles woven into the tapestry of the Earth. I am dedicated to making my life, as person and creative artist, sustainable in every way - & any gifts you can share would help so much to support me in making this so... As you can see, I have made my offerings available on a sliding scale - so no matter how much you pay from £3 and up, you will get the same creative abundance in return - loads of special things that I don't share anywhere else.  This is to allow those with less money to access it all, and to allow those with more who would like to support me to do so, hoping to avoid limiting anyone's access due to finances.

May your generosity - whether shown financially, by sharing this work, or purely of spirit - come back to you a hundred-fold  (at least!) <3

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