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Aircrew Interview is a video and podcast series dedicated to interviewing past and present aircrew, of both military and civilian types. Our interviewees talk in-depth about their lives, both professional and personal, as well as detailing the type of aircraft they have flown and been associated with. Our aim is provide a platform to share the stories and knowledge of these unique characters, and build an online community for aviation enthusiasts.

I started the platform in 2014 as a hobby - buying a cheap camera and sending speculative emails to pilots, just wanting to simply hear their stories.  I then started uploading the interviews to Youtube, and seemed to gain a small but enthusiastic following.  I realised there were other avgeeks out there just like me who were fascinated by these interviews!

Up until this point, the project has been entirely self-funded, and over the years I have strived to improve the production quality whilst maintaining a consistent output.  I have brought a friend on board to help me - however we're now at a stage where we need a little extra help, if we are to give Aircrew Interview the full attention we think it deserves.     


In order to maintain our current level of output, which consists of weekly podcasts and fortnightly video interviews - our time is spent as follows:

  • Researching potential interviewees
  • Communicating/reaching out to potential interviewees
  • Communicating with museums to secure interview locations
  • Travelling to and from interview locations
  • Carrying out interviews
  • Recording video/audio segments
  • Editing footage and producing videos
  • Editing audio and producing podcasts
  • Interacting with fans/viewers on our social media channels
  • Updating website content
  • Creating custom artwork for video thumbnails
  • Producing weekly newsletter (new feature)
  • Researching potential partners, sponsors and business development 


We are currently self-funded, with costs going towards the following:

  • Travel expenses 
  • Accommodation
  • Onsite expenses (food etc)
  • Museum donations
  • Recording equipment
  • Subscription fees and hosting costs


Now don't get me wrong - we absolutely love doing the work!  However, as you can see from the above, it involves a significant investment of time and money to keep it going.  We will be reaching out to sponsors and advertisers to help in this regard, however it would be our preference to keep the project as 'fan-funded' as possible.  Therefore, we would like to offer a tier-based membership system, whereby your 'reward' is based on your level of contribution. Check out the side-bar on the right for what you can expect to get in return from us!

In any case, we would be eternally grateful for any money you can donate, no matter how small - and we will continue to produce the best content we can regardless.  We feel that the subjects of our interviews are unsung heroes, and we want to give them the airtime (excuse the pun) they deserve!

Many thanks,



72% complete
Our first and main goal is to cover the monthly costs to produce 2 video interviews and 4 podcasts. 
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