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Hello! I am very glad to see you on my Patreon page! If you really like my artwork and you want to get art at a lower price every month, then you can support me in here!
I'm Air, or AirFly. I'm a digital and traditional pony artist from Russia, I make SFW and NSFW arts. I'm very grateful for your support! After all, you help me to develop and improve! Thanks to your support, I can achieve my goals much faster!
I'm very pleased to see those people who like my art! ^^

My Patreon acts as my income support system, a monthly tip jar. Every dollar helps and does not go unappreciated! Since I became a student and I took out a mortgage, I need a steady income. On Patreon I made different tiers for support: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond.

You can get the following rewards for different levels!
  • INDIVIDUAL ROLE in my Discord-server that will open EXCLUSIVE CHANNELS!
  • WIP's in Discord-server! Everybody loves WIPs!
  • SKETCHES in Discord-server & here. in Discord I send sketches and on Patreon their HR.
  • PRIVATE STREAMS in Discord! Without music, but there streaming the entire program entirely! With layers and brushes!
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION (HR) JPEG/PNG arts! The resolution of art can be about 7000 or even 9000 px on the larger side!
  • On snack - EXCLUSIVE ARTS! It can be both fanarts and arts with my characters! From time to time I publish these works ONLY FOR YOU!
  • And the most delicious! REWARDS! At each tier, they differ in execution. And now a bit about them!
Every month you have the opportunity to get a reward for the support.
They are divided into several categories: TRADITIONAL and DIGITAL art. For Bronze and Silver - traditional, for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond - digital. Both of these categories fall into several other categories:
  • For BRONZE - Traditional colored lineart chibi! Cute chibi for you!
  • For SILVERTraditional colored lineart! Wow, your chibi can stay a big pony!
  • For GOLD - Digital colored sketch! It's digital, yay!
  • For PLATINUM - Digital colored lineart! Soo awesome! 
  • For DIAMOND - Digital flat shade or Lineart + 1 sketch with your character!

  1. You'll pay when you start supporting me. But you will receive your reward only after the next payment-on the 1st of the month! This means that I start drawing from the second month of your support!!!
  2. Please write to me on Discord/Telegram as soon as you start supporting me. WIP and Sketches I'm throwing in a private channel of my Discord-server. And in Discord/Telegram I can contact you about rewards.
  3. I'll ask about art-reward every month. Please, answer me in 3-5 days, or you will not get your reward!
  4. If you don't know what to ask/don't want this reward in this month/want to get more characters in reward art - tell me about that. I can draw reward in next time, but with 2, max 5 characters.
      4.1. You can "fusion" your rewards that you have asked to defer. For example, Bronze patron can get a fullbody pony in two months instead of two chibi. And just tell or ask me about it!

Discord - AirFly-pony#3504
My charactersTO-DO
79% complete
I have to pay a mortgage to live under a roof
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