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About A. J. Black

Hey everyone, I'm Tony.

If you're familiar with my site, Cultural Conversation, then thanks a lot for considering throwing some support my way for what I do - write. Primarily about TV & Movies, but also about popular culture at large. If you've happened upon my Patreon, check my site out here to see what I'm about.

I've been writing for some years now, dabbling in penning screenplays for fun as part of a website community before branching out and writing film reviews here and there. After some freelance work for sites like Cinema Chords and Flickering Myth, I set up Cultural Conversation around the same time as a website I founded as co-editor, Set the Tape. I learned a lot doing that over the last almost 2 years but, ultimately, I missed just the simple process of writing.

Like many of us, I have a day job that I try and work my passion for writing around, but I've set this Patreon up so if you enjoy my writing you can monthly, for around the price of a decent coffee (or at the most a quality lunch), lend me a little support that will make the process that little bit easier. In exchange, as you'll see from my tiers, I can give you back bespoke pieces, writers notes, and an insight into my thought process.

If you can donate, I can't thank you enough for the support. Here's to sending plenty of words your way!
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If I reached this amount, I'd be able to start considering the possibility of scaling down work to something more part-time and concentrate on writing more permanently - including upping the ante on what content I could provide on here.

That or I could blow it all on whiskey and start writing everything drunk. Whichever you'd prefer.
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