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About AJ RIch

Hey Rich Nation, Aj RIch here and today I will be finally opening a Patreon for my channel and all my work. Ive been on Youtube and Twitch for 2 years grinding but have in the last few months been putting 5-7 videos a week doing anime reactions as well as other show and gaming related videos and streams.
I have a passion for video creation and broadcasting and i absolutely love anime but I work and have other things that make production alot slower then I would like.

This Patreon will help me speed up production and to be able to take on more shows to react to more projects I can start and overall work towards doing this full time.

Is to add more shows over time the more of you that support the more time that I free upt o put into this. Regardless im putting as much time as allowed ATM
I also want to take this time to say that even with this going it does not mean the youtube videos come out any differently. 
EARLY REACTIONS and FULL REACTIONS will be out precisely a week ahead. with all my other perks happenings during the month of being a patron.
(Payments are charged the first time you Pledge and then on the 1st of each Month)
$2,368 of $3,000 per month
I would be able to start building towards making this Full Time. Also I can start getting stuff that would help with production and quality. Add another Voted on Series as well.
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