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Red Dreaded Locks Love

$1 /mo
You have become a small but mighty part of the Red Dreaded Nation. It is through your support we are able to move on a daily basis. ACCESS TO POLLS, VOTING, ETC

Red Dreaded Exclusiveness!! (EARLY ACCESS)

$5 /mo
This tier shall unlock patreon all excess to patreon and behind the scenes videos. You wanna know where my "X" reaction video is? Be the FIRST to have access to it.

Plus you already know ...

WORD UP! (It's a code word...) Online Shoutouts!

$10 /mo
A special online shoutout in my videos plus all the previous tier benefits.

Thanks for supporting Akasan and the Red Dread Nation!

Lieutenants of the Red Dreaded Nation (Intimate Group Chats & End Cap feat.)

$25 /mo
Not just an online shoutout, but an actual feature in the end cap of my videos for the month of the pledge.

Also this is where it'll get really fun, 1 or 2 times a month Akasan will hold a...

Swag from Japan! Mini Movie Posters! Etc

$45 /mo
All previous benefits included but now you also will get some random swag/candy/mini movie posters etc straight from the land of the Rising Sun!

***Not sure about shipping costs, but let'...

NOW WE'RE TALKING! Me & you! Swag from Japan!

$75 /mo
All benefits mentioned previously. But you will also have a chance to go 1 on 1 with "The Red One". Will also try to customize your package from Japan.

Be a 1st Grade Red Dreaded Sponsor!

$250 /mo
A special video thanking you for your support!  Previous benefits. Highlighted mention on the channel in most videos. Very limited for now so let's see if this works. (Can also be negotiated for ex...

Red Dreaded Producer

$500 /mo
Creative Coproducer and Co-Creator of a segement(s) on the Akasan channel. Specific gameplay or streaming a game or if you have an idea you'd like to get pushed out to over 135K memebers of the Red...