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What is Akemari Studios?
Really?  How...  How did you even find this page?  Akemari Studios is an independent developer making indie games (Currently Dragon Date) and our general philosophy is to make games with cute, sexy, and/or interesting characters, without sacrificing quality when it comes to gameplay and story.  We usually like to include some more risque and adult elements as well, and generally stick to an anime-inspired style.  In the long term, it's our goal to widely release an AO (Adult Only) rated game with commercial success, potentially changing the game industry as a whole.

Akemari Studios - Making games sexy since 2016
(Someday that will sound impressive...)

What is the point of this Patreon?
Well, all the usual stuff mostly.  By pledging to this Patreon you're supporting Mari (Owner / Director) and Akemari Studios on our journey towards future games.  Also we have some special content planned, like asking questions of the various Akemari Studios characters, and a monthly desktop wallpaper decided on by our Patrons.  We also have a Discord if you're interesting in more interaction with the developers, or if you want a more private interaction, drop us an email or check out akemari.com!

We look forward to hearing from you!
(Also, we wanna make dem muns...)

What will the money be spent on?
Some of the money will go towards the monthly rewards mentioned in each goal for obvious reasons, but everything after that goes towards the development of whatever project we're currently working on.  That might mean a few extra pieces of music, some added features or assets, or just a few more pictures of dragon butts.

The sky is the limit!!!
(Honestly we're mostly gonna spend it on butts...)

Whether or not you decide to donate, thanks for checking out my Patreon, and thanks for your interest in Dragon Date!

$141 of $150 per month
Monthly Illustration
((Sometimes ft. adult content))

If/when we reach this goal, we'll release an original illustration of one character answering one question per month, as well as their reaction to the aforementioned question and maybe a cutesy outfit or something!
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