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About Zorika

I'm Zorika and I'm an independent comic creator, 2D animator, illustrator, knitter, amateur ancestry reasearcher, hiker, neighborhood explorer and generally creative person. My goals in life are to make enough money so I can keep making comics, be creative and get a dog.

Comics I'm working on at the minute are:


Rowan is a young witch who sucks at magic and goes on a journey to find a mentor. Instead she uncovers the ancestral trauma that's been blocking the magic in her family for generations.
I'm currently developing a pitch for this project. You'll get access to concept and wip's If you join at the "a little bit more tier".


A relateable, semi auto-biographic, silly comic strip series to cheer you up when times are tough.
This is an ongoing series that I publish weekly on WEBTOON. You'll get access to each months strips early if you join at the "general support" tier.

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You can also hire me as a comic artist or commission me.


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