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About Akiru


" I specialise in  Fan Art, Pinup works and NSFW content 

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Click "become a Patron" button, select your reward and that's it, you're a patron!

You can change your pledge at any moment or even cancel it completely. Rewards are provided to patrons after the 7th of each month, when all pledges have been processed by Patreon. Milestones unlock additional features and types of content for patrons and can be seen at the right side of the page.

Every month, I'll be releasing out full content works that's link in this channel for a certain period. This works include More Images, Work in Process [GIF], My Brush Tools, Short Comic [NSFW] and more.. 

The release of the rewards will always be on the 7 - 10th of the Month and the link to those rewards will be available for download from that stated dates to the end of the month. Which once a new month begins, the link for that rewards will be deleted and a new link for the new rewards will be given. Old works will be uploaded to Gumroad where you can get your hands on.

The reasoning for this period release is so that at my end, I can brush up on some stuffs that needs twerking. 

Every 1st of the month, Patreon will start doing their financial calculations. And this is where the money will start to deduct and be process.

For the payment process of things at my Patreon. The way things run is by the process of  CHARGE-UP front and then, followed up by the monthly process for existing user. 

So What is Charge-up Front Akiru? Well..

New Patrons: New Patrons will be charged on the day they Pledge. Which will give you access to all content shared according to your reward tier. After which on the 1st of the next following month, you will simply return to being charged monthly as per normal.

Example: A patron joins my Patreon on February 25th for $10 per month. They will be charged $10 on the day they join, February 25th, for the February rewards. On March 1st, the Patron will be charged $10 for March rewards. Got it? 

Existing Patrons: There isn't much to consider because you'll just follow the normal monthly format, as how other patreon system works. Like my existing Patreon supporters will be charged on the 1st of the month like usual. 

Updating of Pledges: If an existing patron such as yourself increases your pledge, you will be charged the difference between your last pledge value, and the new pledge value. And after that, on the 1st of the month (and every 1st of the month thereafter) you will be charged the full amount of their pledge until you cancel or edit your pledge.

Example: If you pledge on the day before the end of the month and let's say on the 25th of February, you pledge as a $5 Tier. But then, the next day on the 26th, you decided to change or edit your reward Tier to the $10 Package. What happens is that the amount you pledge, Patreon will not take that full $10 but differentiate and take the additional $5. This is more like adding up to that reward Tier. 

This two Events are great ways for my Patreons supporters to get much more than monthly rewards. Yes! This contests allows them to win free stuffs depending on their pledges! 

Depending on their Tier Support, for instance $5 are entitled to apply for the Suggestion Rewards event. And the $10++, they are entitled to not only take part in the Suggestion Rewards event but, also participate in the Character Chambers Special!

> More information will be provided when the period comes. Which I will post the event after the 10th of the month. So stay tune for that


I've upload them to Gumroad where you can selectively access past rewards that you've been eager to buy. 

"" Click on the Gumroad image [above] to be directed to my Gumroad or just key in the link given above. ""

It's that simple.

"If you have troubles with certain rewards or need some clarifications, do not hesitate to contact me. 
I'll be immediate to assist you!" 

- Akiru

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