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Welcome fellow web astronaut! I'm Guillaume.
If you are here, it means you somehow heard of the work I put into the Vue community, so thank you for showing up! Open Source needs more people like you. 😻

Who am I?

I'm a member of the Vue Core Team, a frontend developer at Livestorm and an Open-Source contributor. You may be familiar with some of the projects I work on:
  • vue-cli, the official build tooling with a Graphical User Interface (48k+ weekly downloads)
  • vue-devtools, the official devtools (588k+ users)
  • vue-curated, the curated list of popular packages
  • vue-ui, the components used in official Vue apps like the devtools and the issue helper
  • vue-apollo, the GraphQL integration (9k+ weekly downloads)
  • vue-cli-plugin-apollo, the CLI plugin for easy GraphQL integration (23k+ weekly downloads)
  • vue-meteor, the packages that allow you to use Vue in Meteor apps
  • v-tooltip, the easy-to-use tooltips and popovers (23k+ weekly downloads)
  • vue-virtual-scroller, for very high performance lists (3.5k weekly downloads)
  • nodepack, a modern node development platform
  • And many more!
You can find more on my GitHub profile.

Why Patreon?

So why am I asking for your help? Well, maintaining all those Open Source projects takes time and I have a job for paying the bills. But thanks to you, I will be able to rely less on the job and more on the Vue & Open Source community. This means more time to do Open Source work that will benefit all the users of those tools and libraries! I'm still experimenting with Patreon so the rewards or goals may be revised as we go in this journey together.

Why should I pledge?

By becoming a Patron, you will help me go through my Big Roadmap (see below). This means I will be able to work more on my Open Source projects so you and your company can enjoy the features and improvements sooner! It's a win-win.

Also, you will get access to my Patron-Only Feed where I will post news and exclusive screenshots of what I'm up to! You will be able to comment and make suggestions too. Those post may eventually become accessible for everyone some time after publication. I will also make public posts so anyone who is not a patron yet can still be part of it.

Some tiers will also get you access to my personal Discord server where we can discuss my Open Source projects and other Vue related topics.

You can also become a sponsor and have your logo shown on the READMEs and docs of my repositories. Becoming a Gold Sponsor also gets you private chat sessions with me to exchange about your own projects or do some pair-programming!

Big Roadmap

I have a lot of ideas of what I can do to help you build Vue app, but here are some things I know I will work on in the future (in no particular order):
  • Refactor and improve the Vue devtools so they will be faster and even more efficient for you! (v5.0 Beta 4 is out!)
  • Open up a public API for the devtools so third-party libraries will be able to display useful information in the state inspector.
  • Add new features to vue-cli ui such as Presets Manager, Settings page and Suggestion API (Done!).
  • Create a dark theme for the Vue UI framework and integrate it into vue-cli-ui (Done!) and vue-devtools (Done!).
  • Improve vue-apollo even more and release 3.0.0 stable (In Progress!).
  • Add new features to the vue-cli-plugin-apollo such as more useful cli-ui integrations like being able to open GraphQL files in the embedded playground and save them.
  • Provide an easy way to put unknown dynamic height items (Done!) into vue-virtual-scroller and also add support for horizontal scrolling.
  • Add more components to vue-googlemaps.
  • Work on v-tooltip to release a new stable release.
  • Release more features and official plugins for Nodepack.
  • Release tools that improve GraphQL workflow such as graphql-migrate and graphql-autoquery.
  • Continue working on my other libraries.

With your help, I will be able to go through those projects much faster!





Vue has an Open Collective. Why don't you take funds from there?

The OpenCollective is meant to reimburse the team expanses and support community events such as meetups and conferences. In the future, it may also help fund community work such as team sprints or community members working on a very specific feature. However, the OpenCollective isn't meant to provide a reliable income for one person.

Can I buy T-shirts as well?

Absolutely! Take a look here:


Again, thank you for reading and for your amazing support! 😸
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Monthly AMA
Every month I'll host an Ask Me Anything session so you can post questions about Vue and I can answer them!
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